Business Analyst

Personal Summary

A professional business analyst & architect with strong data design skills for process and data integration projects, I bring extensive transformation & consulting experience from telecoms, service management & insurance sectors.

Personal Summary

A professional business analyst & architect with strong data design skills for process and data integration projects, I bring extensive transformation & consulting experience from telecoms, service management & insurance sectors.


  • Digital Transformation & E-Commerce Programmes
  • Process Modelling – BPMN 2.0, EPC, Visio Cross Functional Flowcharts, VSM
  • Process Optimisation & Automation
  • Data Architecture, Security, Management,Governance, GDPR
  • UML, Use Case & Functional Modelling
  • Data & BI Modelling/ Power BI/ Business Objects/ SQL
  • CRM/ ERP/ Microsoft Dynamics 365/ Salesforce/ Oracle Fusion/
  • Agile Practitioner/ Scrum Master
  • Change Management & Governance
  • Process Architecture & Governance
  • Improvement Methodologies – DMAIC, ADM
  • IT Operation Design – ITIL

Career History

House Renovation Project

July2019 – Dec2019

A 6-month break for property renovations.



Life Insurance Agency

May 2018 – July 2019

Lead Business Analyst/ Architect


As part of a start-up team for an insurance distributer, my role was to deliver the process, data and system components for the company in an e-commerce & digital transformation programme. This included:

  • Building a backlog of stakeholder requirements using Jira
  • Using stakeholder input to build a customer journey, system & data design
  • Selecting & managing multiple delivery partners to deliver the designs
  • Design & build for the Salesforce E2E customer management platform
  • Writing the UAT plan and running the testing phase with business users
  • Ensuring the platform held up to security requirements against the internal security standards of the organisation
  • Integrating the system into third party platforms
  • Delivering a tactical BI platform with a 3rd party
  • Built the E2E aggregator and IFA channel designs
  • Ensuring compliance with GDPR requirements working alongside the data protection officer, SOX controls and building an IT compliance framework.

The outcome was a fully tested and operational platform with documented processes delivered within the required timeframes & budget.



Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Company

Oct 2017 – May 2018

Business Architect


I was initially brought on to deliver a high visibility process driven project, to high quality standards. The focus was on delivering a digital transformation onto a new e-commerce platform, using target BPMN processes to meet the key requirements of senior stakeholders. A key deliverable was a view of process and data across the business. Following the success of the venture, I worked with the Head of Change to deliver new ways of working, a PMO and portfolio management function, and a project methodology based upon process driven approaches. This purpose of this design was ultimately to provide the business with the different views required; Organisational, Process, Functional, Application, Information & Data; that will enable management based on upon key business metrics, value chains, and product, service & customer lifecycles.



Software and Services Provider 

June 2016 – Oct 2017

Lead Business Analyst


Working with Vodafone as the end client, my role was to advise on IT & process architecture process best practice for a large-scale integration. I was responsible for building the data and process architecture to enable the scope definition and management of releases, and then prove delivery in technical and business testing phases. I was also working with building the business relationship and ensuring the business goals were the primary focus of the delivery strategy and to that end I delivered an end to end delivery methodology proposal and successfully maneuvered the project focus from purely IT led objectives to business focused objectives using various modelling techniques.



Telephone, television and internet provider 

Jan 2016 – July 2016

Lead Business Analyst


Brought in to identify new and changing processes as part of an Enterprise solution for employees with the aim of centralizing employee data, standardizing the business rules for processes across the company according to policy, and designing new processes across the enterprise to support this. Built on the Oracle Fusion technology stack, I was also responsible for the design of the user journeys for a new employee portal, which were then adapted by User Experience teams and fusion middleware workflow functional design. I also developed standardized process documentation that contained the complex process hierarchy required.



Telecommunications and IT Services provider 

April 15 – Nov 15

Lead Business Analyst


Working on the strategic upgrade for the BSS solution previously delivered my roles included critiquing solution documentation, managing two phases of UAT with a team of 8, steering project approach to enable satisfactory delivery of scope on behalf of the business, and working with process experts to help define and rollout operational process to support the solution delivery.



August 2014 – April 2015

Lead Business Analyst


As Lead BA for Global Billing Services, I was responsible for design and delivery of a tactical BSS solution to enable a strategic venture into mobile and SIP as a VNO across a global footprint. This was all done within 50% of budget with initial service enablement occurring 3 months after design inception, after which I initialized monthly development sprints that build incremental capability to contributing towards the overall business case.



Television, Telecommunications, Internet access provider 

Nov 13 – August 14

Lead Business Analyst


As the lead architect for the flagship e-commerce project, I was responsible for the development and delivery of Customer Journeys and the process architecture for a national proposition involving multiple thirds parties. Focussed on the early project stages my role included primarily preparing and rolling a project methodology that fits not only the multiple delivery entities – but also facilitating collaborative working with the many third parties associated with the programme. As a parallel task I was also responsible for creating & maintaining the capabilities along with the creation and maintenance of the BRD for the project with defines the business and functional requirements.



Telecommunications and IT services provider 

March 13 – Oct 13

Business Analyst


Owing in part to the impact I made during my previous role in at this company, I was asked to perform similar eTOM process integration on Oracle Fusion. My role was to bring the process stack towards the quality level that was desired by the business. Since completing the quality assurance work I have delivered key business transformations based on the new IT stack delivered by the on-going BSS projects. This includes Product Creation, an E2E process deliverable that takes Product Management physical and virtual product requirements and delivers configuration on live systems to allow product sales and service delivery; and Store Creation, a technical process that was initially outsourced to very high and unexpected cost to support physical store creation process.


Dec 12 – March 13

Business Process Analyst


Working on an Oracle Fusion BSS IT transformation project, I documented business processes in Aris using the EPC process notation with the application of the eTOM business process framework. Focussed on Order Handling and Sales fulfilment processes in Siebel, and billing process in BRM I was committed to continual stakeholder engagement in order to achieve agreement on “To-Be” state processes. I was also focussed on ensuring links with Resource level processes, handled in a separate project, were consistent with the interfaces presented by my work stream.

Alongside my project role, I was also high involved with the mediation of functional processes into the eTOM framework, and ensuring that the input conforms to TMF guidelines and best practices due to my extensive skills and experience in this area.



Media and telecommunications company

Mar 12 – Dec 12

Business Analyst


Working within the telecoms arm, I was responsible for the successful transition into delivery of the new GNP strategy. Roles included but are not limited to close involvement with OFCOM NP forum, within which I was recently tasked with designing and rolling out a new activation improvement to the current NP process; identifying operational improvement domains; end to end requirements elicitation; and stakeholder management. The two main business drivers are a fix or fail directive from OFCOM which has been achieved and signed off in October, and achieving financial payback within the financial year, which I was asked to prove to product management to ensure the second stage of the project was approved for delivery. Forecasts predicted the project will payback double the required financial benefit. This is due to automations in operations removing the need for large increases in headcount, long overdue industry process improvements and core workflow improvements that capitalize on rapid developments methods.



Telecommunications and Internet Company 

Dec 11 – Mar 12

BA / Business Process Analyst – Customer Billing Evolution (CBE)


The CBE project is an IT and business Transformation based around the Comverse One BSS. To keep costs down the project strategy was to transform the current business processes into the product, with only business critical functions being acceptable for product change request criteria. I also was responsible for ensuring integrity of the customer journey across all customer touch-points, and cross referencing the requirements backlog against the Comverse supplied eTOM aligned process documentation. I also took responsibility for interrogating the virtual and physical stock processes to ensure consistency throughout provided solution.


Telecommunications services company 

Aug 11 – Dec 11

BA / Service Design – Glasgow City Council


For my second assignment I was tasked to produce the Service & Support design model for a Glasgow City Council Contact Centre Upgrade. Responsibilities included ensuring smooth change management from a third-party outsourced provider to in-house service and support. This had historically been based around the use of a joint organisation between us, Serco and GCC and had degraded over many years.

I have had to deal with many different external parties and customer types, as well as aligning the proposed service and support model with the standard model of internal support agencies.


Feb 11 – Aug 11

Service Designer – INDP Fixed Line / Mobile Integration


Central to the company strategy of providing a convergent platform for the mobile and fixed line offerings to businesses, the project was ill defined and suffering from lack of stakeholder buy in and ambiguous goals. Over the six months my tasks were focused upon redefining the business goals, and re-establishing stakeholder commitment, and ensuring the integrity of the business customer journey was aligned with the company strategic goals. Working with the product manager I turned the business case into a set of deliverable requirements focussed on operational fulfilment and assurance streams. I managed to draw focus onto the delivery of much needed middleware based upon the web methods platform. This would later allow further build of front end functionality to best realise the business customer experience that was desired by the product manager.



Telecommunications company– London

July 10 – Feb 11

Business Analyst – Agile Methodology Migration


Being a start-up I was involved in many different projects & initiatives. These included incorporation of blackberry services into the core network, various product rollouts, and sales to cash process. Towards the end of the assignment I was heavily focussed on the migration from a waterfall methodology to the use of the Scrum framework. This has included delivery of training on agile processes and procedures to Scrum Masters Product Owners, and Scrum Teams, in the use of Planning Meetings, Product Backlogs, Sprint Backlogs, story cards, and user stories



IBM – Belgium

Mar 10– Jun 10

Business Analyst – Mobistar




Nov 09 – Feb 10

Project Manager – Mobistar Proof of Concept

Jun 09 – Nov 09

Business Analyst – Comverse CV V3.5

June 07 – Nov 09

Kenan Consultant – Colt Project

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