West London

Personal Profile / Core Skills

  • Scientist in Cancer Immunology
  • First-Class Honours Degree in Biotechnology Sciences with PhD in Cancer Immunology in course due.
  • Experience in working in multidisciplinary, multicultural teams



  • Immuno-oncology and tumour microenvironment
  • Expertise in immunotherapy-related topics in particular CAR-T cells
  • Industrial work in a process development department and GMP environment (class B and D)
  • Assay development and validation.



Isolation and culture of human and murine primary cells

  • Cancer immunology, inflammation, chemokine-chemokine receptor network.
  • Personal animal licence, module 1-4
  • Maintenance of animal colony, tissue harvesting, assisting during orthotopic tumour injection in the pancreas.
  • Mouse tumour, spleen, blood, lymph nodes and bone marrow and human blood processing.
  • Cell culture of cell line and primary cells, BMDMs and T cells for ex vivo experiment.
  • Good Knowledge of BD FACSDIVA, FlowJo. GraphPad, Illustrator, ELISPOT reader, Office packet software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) software
  • Good ability in planning experiments, analysing and presenting data in an independent manner


Flow cytometry:

  • Cell phenotype up to 17 parameters, cell sorting and analysis (FACS Diva, FlowJo and CSF express)
  • Intracellular Cytokine Staining
  • Annexin V-Propidium Iodide apoptosis assay
  • Experience with BD Celesta,BD Fortessa, BD Lyric and Aurora flow cytometry instrument


ELISpot ad ELISA assay


Milteny prodigy:

  • Cell culture of T cells (isolation, activation, expansion and transaction).




Candidate Education

Dates July 2013 – July 2017 (thesis submitted)
Barts Cancer Institute – Queen Mary University – London

Principal subjects/occupational PhD degree – The role of CX3CR1 in pancreatic cancer Investigate the role of CX3CR1 in development and progression of pancreatic cancer. In particular focusing on the effect on the immune cells infiltration and functions.

Main activities and responsibilities:

  • Experiment planning and analysis
  • Mouse colony maintenance
  • Data organization using electronic lab book
  • Writing report
  • Poster preparation
  • Data presentation
  • Technique: mouse tissue processing, extracellular and intra cellular multicolour FACS staining, cell sorting, ELISA, qPCR, immunohistochemistry immunofluorescence, western blot, tissue culture, proliferation assay.



Dates 26th March 2012 – 1st March 2013
Cancer Sciences Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton, UK

Principal subjects/occupational Internship – Flow cytometric analysis reveals key difference in phenotype, function and lifespan between specific and bystander CD4+ memory T cells, both expanded by vaccinations. The project is on the impact of vaccination on T cell-mediated immunity. In particular, it aims to find the differences between vaccine-specific and non-specific bystander T helper memory cells in terms of phenotype, function and lifespan in healthy human subjects who received a booster vaccination with tetanus toxoid.

Main activities and responsibilities

  • Experiment planning and analysis
  • Writing report
  • Poster preparation
  • Data presentation
  • Techniques: ELISA, T cell proliferative assay, cytokine ELISPOT, Intracellular and extracellular multicolour Staining and Flow Cytometric analysis



Dates 29 June – 8 July 2011

Faculty of Pharmacy, Bologna University Alma Mater Studiorum (Italy) Summer school student –
Principal subjects Summer school in “ Genomics-based strategies in the discovery of novel drug targets” Genomics strategies that are adopted in the discovery of novel drugs; laboratory practice in BRET analysis and real-time PCR analysis



Dates A.A 2010/2011-2011/2012  Faculty of Pharmacy, Bologna University Alma Mater Studiorum (Italy)

Principal subjects
Title of qualification awarded Theoretical courses and practical experience in molecular ad applied biotechnology in the pharmaceutical area. Master of science in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Passing grade: 110/110 cum laude



Dates March 2010 – July 2010
Biology at Department of Histology, Embryology and Applied Biology, Bologna University Alma Mater Studiorum (Italy)

Principal subjects

  • Main activities and responsibilities Analysis of changes induced by moderate exercise on gene expression and protein expression of rat muscle
  • Experiment planning and analysis
  • Data organization
  • Writing report
  • Technique: RNA and protein extraction and isolation, western blot, PCR, rt-PCR, gel electrophoresis and SOD test



Dates A. A. 2006/2007 – A. A. 2009/2010
Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Bologna University Alma Mater Studiorum (Italy).

Occupation held Bachelor student



September 2001 – June 2006
Liceo Scientifico A. Oriani – Ravenna

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered Italian Literature, English Literature, Latin, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and IT, Art History, History, Geography, Philosophy.
Title of qualification awarded Maturità scientifica. Scientific High School Diploma. Passing grade: 72/10

Candidate Career History / Publications

Dates October 2017 – now  – Biopharmaceutical (start-up)

Principal subjects/occupational Research Scientist – Process Development Panel design, optimisation validation of flow cytometry assay. Tech transfer of QC assay and cell process from process development to manufacturing Data analysis and recording of clinical related data.

Main activities and responsibilities · Experiment planning and analysis · Data organization using electronic lab book



Vaccination Expands Antigen-Specific CD4+ Memory T Cells and Mobilizes Bystander Central Memory T Cells. Li Causi E, Parikh SC, Chudley L, Layfield DM, Ottensmeier CH, Stevenson FK, Di Genova G. PLoS One. 2015 Sep 2;10(9):e0136717. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0136717. eCollection 2015.7


The MEK1/2 Inhibitor Pimasertib Enhances Gemcitabine Efficacy in Pancreatic Cancer Models by Altering Ribonucleotide Reductase Subunit-1 (RRM1).

Vena F, Li Causi E, Rodriguez-Justo M, Goodstal S, Hagemann T, Hartley JA, Hochhauser D. Clin Cancer Res. 2015 Dec 15;21(24):5563-77. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-15-0485. Epub 2015 Jul 30. PMID: 26228206

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