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reasons to join
  1. We go up against the biggest agencies and win business because people love us!
  2. Implementing innovative and fresh ideas with video / social media / technology is why we stand out from the crowd.
  3. Meeting clients and candidates is the aim of the game. Not chained to a desk for days on end. We use our emotional intelligence (EQ) as well as our IQ.
  4. The guys and girls work as a team not as individuals with competing agendas.
  5. The Directors are in the trenches, driving the business, not on the golf course or in glass boxes looking down.
  6. Fantastic knowledge and mastery of recruitment techniques we want to share with our people.
  7. Own your earnings, no weird commission structures – make the deals happen and get paid from day 1.
  8. Be a part of something great and growing fast.
  9. Ben and Sam – we know our stuff. We see our role as passing on the baton and making you as good or better than we are!
  10. The 10th reason is that there are many more reasons.;-)

you want it – you got it

Raw talent, skill and a will to learn is what we want – tell us what you want to earn, together we will achieve it. Salaries and packages are important but not our priority. Cultural fit, personality and a willingness to do better than the rest are the attitudes we want in the business. In return, you will have the opportunity to make it happen.

it’s your move

Inspire us. Challenge us. We cultivate an environment that’s fun and rewarding whilst creating exceptional opportunities for motivate people. We support each other, praise one another. Celebrate successes together. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit and trust our employees to do the right thing.

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