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once upon a time… 

The story starts in 2015, in a small Sam’s home office. Sam joined forces with his business partner and brother Ben to make a brave move and go solo, starting their very own adventure to explore a fresh and personal touch to recruitment. We made a pact to work with people that wanted to invest in their recruitment journey and give real opportunities and expertise to individuals working as a professional in the UK.

Our transparent and honest approach ensures we form long-term and meaningful relationships. We provide what we promise. Above all, we love what we do and try to make the recruitment process as easy as possible.

 the right direction

The name Northreach stems from their Dad’s previous business “Northreach Paper” – Northreach Paper was a leading supplier of Paper to top organisations and governments across Europe. We see the “North” part as a synonym for “moving up” or “heading in the right direction”, “climbing upwards” or a compass to provide direction. The North star is always the brightest in the sky, right?

recruitment business card

the era of Ron Hatcher 

From a simple arrow to a polar bear. Our trusty mascot! An anagram of “Northreach” Say hello to Ron Hatcher – the talent catcher!

Ron represents strength, determination and protection. The polar bear has many symbolic references but what really stands out, is their ability to adapt in the harshest of weathers and the care they give to their family – this resonates massively and reflects our people and company ethos exactly.

Northreach Branding
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 you got this

Believe and achieve. Because sometimes all it takes to land that dream job is not the skills and experience, but the confidence that YOU really can do it. We know how stressful it can be and we’re here to give you the support, advice and the assistance you need, making sure you realise your full potential. Finding the best talents for your business can get just as difficult – whoever you looking for, you can count on us. You got this!

our pack; our lifeblood 

The guys and girls that come to Northreach HQ every day come because they love what they do. We work as a team, not as individuals with competing agendas; we support each other, praise one another. Celebrate successes together. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit and trust our employees to do the right thing.

 our territory

Motion creates emotion! In 2019 we moved into our very first collaborative environment. A work space the encourages movement and wellbeing in the office.. along with a few laughs, good music, pizzas, FIFA tournaments and beers on Fridays!

our mission 

To become the number 1 go to agency in the growing UK market. The people we work with describe us as individual. They say we have an unique personality. They say we are like-minded, professional, dedicated and delivery focused but above all, they say that we are a pleasure to work with. 


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